Friday, November 18, 2016

Pearl the Pocket Persian

What the...!?
I work with cats.  Lots of cats.  I have worked with cats 5 days a week for the past 4 years...but I love coming home to MY cats!  They are the best.  They truly are.

Every day when I come home from work and open the front door, Pearl is right there.  Cam says that around 4:30pm she gets up from her nap and waits for me.  You would think I would be sick of cats, but when I walk in and see her I can't help but squeal "She's so cute!"!

I'm glad we gave Pearl a "second chance".  It's hard to say what her life was like before us, but when we first got her she would eat like there was no tomorrow and pretty much just do her own thing.  Even though it blows my mind, I think she was living on the streets hustling for food.  She liked us, but she preferred her independence.  At bedtime Slim and Stan would snuggle under the covers, and Blue would assume his spot on the pillow by my head, but Pearl would be nowhere to be found.  We wanted to make a mock video of Kurt Cobain's song "Where did you sleep last night" because we could never find her.  Now she enjoys being a part of the family and even started sleeping with us at the foot of the bed. Occasionally she'll cozy up under the covers!

Pearl's a great cat!  She's a typical persian who's easy going and aloof, but she's so much fun!  She tolerates her weekly tubby time, is a trooper about being dressed up in clothes, and even takes bike rides with us to grab a pint at the bar.  Pearl don't care! She needs help eating, needs help grooming (thanks Blue!), and doesn't cover her poop but we love her.  She's the perfect addition to our weird little clan and I'm impressed with how well they all get along.   It was hard at first (see earlier ringworm post), but she was worth it.  She is worth  it.  All creatures deserve the chance to be pampered and loved, and in return they make us SMILE and realize that even though we weren't the ones rescued, we are the lucky ones.

P.S.  Pearl has an instagram account.  You should follow her at pearl_the_pocket_persian  She's not a professional photographer but her dad sometimes you get a decent picture!
pretty girl

Size Comparison!!!

Pearl don't care.

cleaned up and purrrty

Chillin' at the bar

Tubby Time

Where to next?

Dirty Girl Pearl

Gained a pound since we adopted her!

Soldier in her pocket!

Trimming down!

TBT to when we first brought her home.  Ringworm and all..