Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Time is here!

How is it already December again!?  It's crazy how it creeps up every year. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but Christmas is a close second.  It's not Christmas Day so much, but the decorating and the songs, and the weather....and Elf!  The days are shorter which can get a little depressing, but I typically enjoy how dark it gets until sometime after the beginning of the New Year. Summers are busy with gardening, swimming, biking, running, and eating pretty healthy, but winter is all about eating savory stews or pizza on the couch while binge watching Netflix.  It's a much deserved break that the season almost makes you take!  I"m not gonna lie...I'm one slice of pizza away from housing a full pie!

We usually wait until my birthday to go get our tree, but with the other half traveling for business this month we decided to get it up early.  Before moving to Portland, picking out a Christmas Tree meant going to the empty lot on the corner or the parking lot of Home Depot.  It wasn't until we moved here that I discovered the fun of going and cutting down our own!  The best part is, at the tree farm we go to they plant a new tree for each one that is cut down.  I love our house with the fireplace on, the tree up, and the animals in their holiday clothes.  Every holiday season is a treat when we put up our ornaments and decorations!  Lots of them have sentimental value or remind us of different moments in time.  I especially like ornaments we held on to from when we were kids, or yearly ornaments we aquired at the beginning of our relationship. December is a fun month!  AND it's my birthday month.  Have a Happy Holiday Season!!!