Sunday, November 13, 2016

Timehop...what's next!>

All packed up and ready to head north!
There's an app that I have on my iPhone called "Timehop" that pulls up things you've posted  for each day from past years.  It's great!  When November 1st came around a few days ago, the app started pulling pictures from 2011 when we left our home in Vegas and moved to Portland...FIVE years ago!  
So many wonderful things came from our move to the Pacific Northwest and it got me thinking..

                "Where will we be 5 years from now?"
              "Where will we be next year, next month?"

Portland is awesome.  We love the people, the lifestyle, the weather!  It's taught us a lot and has made us excited to take Smith Farm to the next level!  

    But now what do we do?  


Arrival in PDX
Where to next.....?

Stay tuned!      Things are a brewin'!