Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Travels!

What a whirlwind the past few days have been!  In a good way : )  A long time friend and coworker of Cameron's got married in Newport Beach, California and asked if Cam could shoot her wedding.  They used to work together at Caesar's Palace in the Wedding Chapel and he couldn't pass up the opportunity to see an old friend and stay at a beach front hotel for a couple of days. I wasn't sure if my work schedule would allow me to tag along or not but when Ellen sent the hotel confirmation and I found out that her husband worked for the airline so the airfare was included I made it work! We flew on standby which was VERY nerve wracking, but luckily we both made it on the same flight.  Cam got on first and I thought I didn't make it on.  Through teary eyes I said goodbye and wished him luck, but fortunately the last passenger on the plane never arrived at the gate and I got on at the very last second!  We checked into our hotel late Friday night and although it was dark we could hear the waves crashing against the sand from our hotel room. We put down our stuff and ran over to the ocean.  I'm not much of a beach bum but I really love the water and the ocean air... it's fascinating.  

The next day we found a little place called The Stand that served all natural vegan food, and then had some coffee and walked the beach.  The wedding was at 3 that afternoon right on the sand, followed by a cocktail hour and reception overlooking the beach.  It was a beautiful afternoon and evening, and I am so happy that I got to attend!

Cam had some business to do back in Las Vegas so we had planned on me going home the next day, and him hitching a ride back to LV with friends of the bride.  Turns out that the flights were pretty full on Sunday because of Spring Break, and it was easiest for me to drive with Cam back to Vegas and catch a flight from there the next day.  We ate at our favorite place again that morning, then played tourist and checked out the city and had a couple of beers.  We hit the road in the afternoon, and got to Vegas around 9pm.  I had to leave for the airport the next morning at 4am, but we still found some time to grab a couple of drinks and walk up and down Fremont Street.  We played a couple of hands of Roulette, then had a nightcap (a 24oz PBR and a shot of jaeger!) at Hogs and Heifers where Cam would be working the next couple of nights. Traveling back to home the next day was a bit hectic, but we're both home now and even though it was a quick trip I'm glad it went down in the books!

It's funny, because when we lived in Vegas I really counted down the days until we were going on a vacation.  I still love traveling and am eager to visit more places, but since we've moved to Portland I don't get as excited when it's time to hit the road.  We're really happy here and I'm glad to call PDX our home. I'm sure it's also a combination of me getting older but as much as I like getting out and seeing new things, I also don't mind when the party's over and it's time to go home. We were only gone 3 full days, but being that it's Spring there were so many changes back on the "farm" in that short period of time.  Even driving down the street you can see new buds on the trees and bushes.  On our walk earlier today you could smell the sweetness in the air.  It's so great!

Speaking of Spring, the Tuesday before we left for California we took at trip to the  Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival!  It was only 45 minutes from here and it was GORGEOUS!  Over 40 acres of beautiful, different varieties of Tulips.  We took the dogs, and my dad, and my dad's dog and had a really nice time. It was surreal!

Me, Dad, Slim, Stan, and Maggie