Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Slimmie's 1st (and 2nd) Seizure...

Slim after his follow up appt. today!  What a champ!

After a couple of scary days, Slim is back to his normal self, resting comfortably with me on the bed.  It all started on Saturday when I left work early because I felt under the weather.  I was laying in bed with Slim and Stan when I noticed Slim shake and saw a lot of drool.  I thought it was weird but didn't really think much else of it and dozed off.  A couple hours later as I was sitting up reading in bed when I noticed him drooling again.  I just watched him closely as he started what I thought was trying to get something up, like if he had a popcorn kernel stuck in his throat.  He didn't stop though and he started foaming at the mouth and I knew something was off.  I said "Hey Slim, are you okay?" and when he turned to look at me his body tensed up and he started having a seizure.  I was so scared.  I yelled to Cam and ran from the room...some great motherly instinct I have!  Cam stayed with Slim and made sure he didn't fall off the bed as I fumbled with my phone and tried to call for help.  After about 45 seconds he was done convulsing but still limp and disorientated (post-ictal would be the term I would soon learn) and we took him in the car and drove to Dove Lewis, the 24 hours Emergency Room vet.  I drove as Cam held Slim, and about halfway there Slim snapped back to reality - Cam said he could see the change in his eyes.  I think he thought we were going to the dog park because as we crossed over the Fremont Bridge he started yipping and looking out the window and trying to get on my lap!  By the time we got to the waiting room you would've thought he was entered in the Westminster Dog Show, prancing and high-stepping and looking happy as can be!

The staff at Dove Lewis was great.  They were super busy and we were there for a long time, but they were thorough and kind.  The doctor spent a lot of time with me (in my bright green "Irish" hoodie, purple cow pajama pants (no unders!) and gardening shoes!) and we decided the best thing to do was take bloodwork to make sure his sugar levels were normal.  She suggested I keep him the night, but of course I wanted to take him home and when his bloodwork came back ok we were discharged.  She told us if he had another seizure withing the next 24 hours to bring him back, but that sometimes a dog will have a seizure for no reason. 

Slim was so great on our way home.  He ate a big hearty meal when we got back, and even grabbed his toy and was playing tug-o-war!  I texted my dad and some friends pictures of Slim to let them know that he was home and back to normal.  It was already pretty late so we curled up and turned out the lights.  Not 5 minutes later I knew he was going to have another one.  I called to Cam and he came and turned on the light, but this time I stayed with Slim while he had his seizure.  So sad and scary to watch something you love so much go through such a traumatic event.  It seemed like forever and Cam offered to take over, but it ended and we packed back up to head to the vet again.  I was holding Slim after the seizure but he became squirmy to be let down, so I put him on the ground as I put on some pants.  He ran into the kitchen and hid under the table and didn't even recognize me.  He was afraid of me :( 
Before his 2nd Seizure

This time at the vet we knew that Slim would be spending the night.  He wasn't as alert as he was the time before.  He was still "Slim" but a tired Slim.  The doctor spoke with me and Cam (and Stan) and we decided to start him on an anti-seizure medication called Keppra.  They also placed an IV catheter so they could give him medication quickly in case he had another seizure while he was there. After we signed some paperwork and paid some bills, we were allowed to say goodnight to Slim.  The cutest/saddest part of the whole trip was that he had on his green turtleneck sweater with a little collar with a bell tied to it!  This way if he had a seizure the staff would be sure to notice right away. 

Stan was confused without his brother home :(
We picked Slim up the next day, Easter Sunday, at 4pm after he had had 3 doses of his medication.  He was just as Slim as Slim could be!  I imagined he would be a little wobbly and woozy but he looked great!  We brought the staff an Easter Basket to say "Thank You" for taking such good care of our little man.  What would we have done without them?  He had his first seizure at 6pm on the Saturday night before Easter.  It would've been way scarier if Dove Lewis wasn't there.  Slim had a follow up appointment with our regular vet today and he is due for some bloodwork in a month after he has been on his medication regularly.  One thing that both doctors have made clear is that although the medication reduces the chances of the seizures occurring it doesn't stop them completely.  So we just need to be prepared for more seizures in the future and just make him as safe and comfortable as can be.  You're a trooper little Slim!  You may be tiny but you are a CHAMP!  MY champ!
"Happy Easter!  From Slim & the rest of the little peeps you help today!"

Besties and their Babies :)

This dog mom is worn OUT.  Love you Slim.