Monday, July 30, 2012

Plum Tree Time

made these into Plum Jam
One of my favorite things to do when I come home from work is to go outside and sit under the plum tree.  EggBerta is still broody so I say hello to the hubby and dogs and go right out to the coop and get her off her imaginary eggs.  I usually throw her in the air and she flaps her wings and gently lands on the grass.  Then I pick a couple of plums from the tree and sit on the wooden bench beneath it ~ and we eat.  Two bites for me, the rest for the hens.  One bite for me, the rest for the hens.  The dogs come around and try to see what they're missing out on, but then realize that it's just fruit and opt to clean up the chickens droppings...mmm tasty :-/  The husband usually joins us and picks a fruit off the tree, takes a bite and tosses it to the birds, which are right at his feet!  I like when EggBerta's out and I really want to make her a mom (but I'll save that for another post!).  Then we head over to the garden and just point things out to each other: 
"Look how big that tomato got"  "Did you see the little peppers on here?"  "I can't believe how tall the corn got!" "Look at all those beans!" "I think the head of red cabbage is ready"
Runner Beans we grew from seed.
 And it happens every day.  My husband just got back from a 5 day business trip and it was so fun to see his reaction to things!  Made plum tree time even more fun!  And he's so creative in the kitchen. Tonights dinner was a 5 course meal!  Carrot and Radish tops, Cheese Plate, Sauteed Beans, and amazing salad with lettuce and carrots, onion, red cabbage, radishes and beans from the garden, and a brownie for dessert. We're off tomorrow so who knows, Plum Tree time could be all day.