Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Time Management!

I want to publish to my blog more frequently but never feel like I have enough time.  I've been unemployed for 6 months and don't have any kids...but I still don't have enough!  I don't necessarily want more in a day (well okay of course I do :) )  but I feel like i'm not sure if I want to live the day or come in here and write about it!  I mean do I come inside from sitting in the backyard with my husband and the dogs and beautiful chickens while I'm watchin the garden to come in and write about how relaxing and rewarding it is?  But if I don't, then how I am supposed to remember all of the joy that it brings when I start losing my marbles :)
Questions questions.  SO how is it that I am writing now?  The chicks are not yet in the coop because the sun hasn't set, the dogs are on the bed, and Cam is in the living room.  I used the bathroom and decided to pop in really quick because although I may be missing a minute or 2 I think it's special to pop in and write about our simpleton lives (at the moment).  We built a cage (took about 2 hours but it FLEW by..no pun intended) to keep the chicks out of our newly planted garden (carrots, beets, red onions, green onions, and radishes), learned how to "blow out" the Duck and Goose Eggs that we bought at the Portland Farmers Market yesterday (we're about to make a spinach goose egg casserole for dinner!) and had some brews while enjoying the sun and wind on our deck little porch...  Really looking forward to the spring when everything is in bloom.