Monday, July 6, 2015

Foster Fail!

Blue and Weazy
We're currently fostering 2 cats from a large rescue in Klamath Falls that we received at work.  A woman was caring for 98 cats and became overwhelmed and reached out for help.  Many of the cats from the rescue need dental work done and I have Wren and Xen (whom I've renamed Blue and Weazy) until July 22nd when they can go in for their cleanings.  They are great cats!  Blue is a big, medium hair 12 year old blue (grey) male, and Weazy is a 6 year old seal point male who is only 5lbs!  The siamese cat reminds me of a ferret so I wanted to call him Vin Weasle but it wasn't I'd just been calling him "Wease" then "Weazy"!  They were understandably a little shy at first, but are now really enjoying all of the one on one play time and pet sessions.
The great escape!

I've been keeping them in the "Foster Room" with supervised outings into the rest of the house.  They really enjoy exploring and playing, but for the most part stick right by my side.  On Friday night we had a big sleepover - me, Cam, Slim, Stan, Weazy and Blue all watched Wayward Pines (the cats seriously watched the whole thing) and I decided not to put them back in their room.  Saturday was Independance Day and I was excited for my three day weekend so I woke up at 5am, let the chickens out, opened the blinds and kitchen window, gave Slim his pill, made coffee and went back to lay down and read.  Around 8am Cam asks where Weazy is but I figured he was sleeping somewhere. Next thing you know it's 10am and I'm walking around the neighborhood hanging "Lost Cat!" signs and talking to every neighbor I see.  I looked EVERYWHERE.  I thought (was hoping!) I was being dramatic and that he was still hiding in the house.  The only way he could've escaped was the kitchen window that was only open 3 inches (I measured it!) and didn't think he could have even if he wanted to get out.  But I was wrong :(

not my cat!
I was pretty down the rest of the day, and was getting especially nervous because it was the 4th of July, and Cameron and I had planned an anniversary trip to Crater Lake the following morning.  Nighttime came and Weazy wasn't back and the fireworks had started.  I set 2 alarms after midnight after reading that cats come out to feed between 1am and 5am.  Around 2am I went out side shaking his dry food (he won't touch wet, not even with his rotten teeth!) and I heard a meow!!!  I followed the meow to the front of the house and I was SO excited, only to find it was my neighbors cat who had climed out of the 2nd story bedroom window onto the roof because he wanted the food! Bummer :(  Before we left on Sunday morning I walked around the block a few more times, and found cats, but not MY cat.

We contemplated not taking our road trip, but we had done everything we could and staying at home wasn't going to help anything so we left.  Cell reception was spotty driving through the forest, but at one point I looked down at my phone and saw a text: "i think i found your cat..."!  I couldn't believe it!  And I couldn't call or text back because we were in the middle of nowhere!  When we hit a small town I gave the number a call and it was my neighbor whom I had met the day before while she was looking for a friends dog who had gotten out!  And she's a pet sitter for a living.  She had heard meowing on the side of her house, and it was him!  I got her in touch with my dad and she reunited Weazy with the farm.  I am so happy and grateful that he found his way home.  This poor guy has had a rough start in his life, and I want to make sure he is safe, comfortable and loved.  No more windows open around here!  So what if it's 100 degrees!
He loves me.

He gives hugs and PURRRRRS!

When I first got him he had a bad kitty cold.