Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Please won't you meet Mr. Speckles :)

After 5 years of a catless household, we are pleased to introduce our first foster, Mr. Speckles!

He's a handsome, 2 year old domestic shorthair, who is white with brown tabby speckles (they're really more just like big circles, but we didn't name him!).  He was surrendered to OHS in January, then got adopted and returned because of a severe inner ear infection.  Along with the ear infection he caught a kitty cold, and the combination had him feeling pretty crappy.  He wasn't eating, had lost a lot of weight and was on a ton of meds (5 to be exact).  His adoptive mom

didn't feel that she could give him the proper care that he needed, so she surrendered him to us (me) and when his treatment is complete and he's doing better she will be redeeming him.  Bottom line: Even if I wanted to adopt him I can't!  Perfect 1st foster!

He transitioned to the new home environment pretty quickly, and he actually fits in very well right now.  He wouldn't eat at all at first and I was giving him subcutaneous fluids as needed, but after some TLC and a prescription for diazepam he's eating really well!

 During the first week I would have to coax him to eat by mixing up a specially formulated food for sick dogs and cats (called Critical Care) with warm water and making a soupy concoction that he would only lick off of my finger or out of the palm of my hand.  Then he transitioned to tuna and tuna juice, and now he will eat pretty much any wet food, and he lets you know when he wants it!
Because of his infection he walks with his head tilted, and I think that he lost some of his hearing because he meows REAL LOUD!  Working at the humane society, I have a pretty high tolerance for meowing cats, but Mr. Speckles can be a little much sometimes.  He is the nicest boy and all he wants is to be around others.  He's a very sweet, very social, and is always purring and rubbing and making biscuits.  He's fascinated by the chickens and accidentally got out and ran after Martini yesterday!  The   dogs have gone from "tolerating" him to actually enjoying his company and snuggling and playing with him (especially Stanlie!).  Oh, and they love cleaning up his leftover cat food :)  Speckles has got a few days of meds left, and after that I think my work will be done, and he will leave us for his new home.  If he ever comes back to the shelter Cam and I would consider adopting him, and even my dad has mentioned he would adopt him.  He's seriously an awesome cat and fits into our Smith Farm super well!  I look forward to fostering more kitties in the future, but I will never forget my first "big project" Mr. Speckles!  I love you Mr. Speckles!!